Dear Voter,

As a child, I was always taught that a person is measured by how they treat others. I was taught to respect my elders, follow The Golden Rule: to treat others the way I wanted to be treated, to always look after those in need, and to always do what’s right, even if that meant it wasn’t the easy or popular choice. These lessons were reinforced as a Boys Scout, and by my coaches and teachers. I will forever be indebted to all the wonderful people who invested their time, energy, and talent on a young boy with big dreams.

I decided to become an attorney, in particular a prosecutor, because I wanted to uphold the rule of law while providing victims of crimes the opportunity to regain the dignity and respect they deserve. When a citizen enters a courtroom their liberty, family, reputation, financial future, and livelihood could be on the line. With such high stakes, one hopes that the presiding judge makes decisions free of political, financial, and outside influences. Doing what is right, regardless of personal repercussions and political pressures, should always be the motivating factor. If you entrust me as one of your Riverside Superior Court Judges, I vow to carry those characteristics and attributes instilled in me as a child to the bench, to always act justly, and treat you with courtesy and professionalism.

My pledge to you carries significant weight because of those who support me. I have earned the support of emergency personnel including law enforcement officers and firefighters, judges, defense attorneys, teachers, and many community members from various walks of life. As a judge, I hope to continue to merit their support and earn yours.

I am a Riverside County resident, the son of two hardworking immigrant parents, and a devoted husband and father raising two beautiful children. Much of my adult life has been devoted to improving the quality of life in Riverside County. I look forward to continuing that commitment to our community from the bench. I hope to earn your trust and your vote on June 7, 2022.


Francisco Navarro